Coshocton Trucking saved $650K+ in insurance and fuel costs

With Samsara, Coshocton transformed their operations from "fully manual" to "powered by data"—unlocking insights that improve their bottom line, help them grow, and make them more competitive.

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The Challenge

Before Samsara, limited visibility cost time and money.

Coshocton Trucking has provided transportation services across the U.S. for over 30 years. Before Samsara, their operational technology was outdated; they had more filing cabinets than people at the company. As a result, their teams were hampered by manual pen and paper processes. 

When the FMCSA introduced Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, Coshocton’s paper-based processes left them unprepared for assigning and monitoring driver hours. Without modern technology, they were also ill-equipped to handle macroeconomic challenges such as rising fuel costs. As their operations grew, so did their fuel consumption—but with limited visibility into fuel usage, they had no way to reduce idling and minimize costs.

In addition, a reactive approach to driver safety also led to risky driving behaviors on the road. Before, the only way to verify a driver’s performance was their initial driving test. Coshocton’s back-office team had no visibility into unsafe events on the road. As a result of unsafe driving, Coshocton faced thousands of dollars in insurance claims. 

To support their growing business, Coshocton needed to modernize their technology stack to differentiate themselves from competitors and improve the safety and efficiency of their operations.


Real-time visibility into driver safety, fuel efficiency, and compliance transformed their business.

With Samsara, Coshocton modernized their operations across their fleet of over 100 heavy-duty vehicles, with their processes moving from manual to fully digital. Now, Coshocton has a consolidated platform that provides full visibility across their operations, uncovering key trends that were having knock-on effects on their business. 

Since adopting Samsara AI Dash Cams across their fleet, they built a comprehensive video-based safety program to proactively coach drivers. Coshocton now has full visibility into risky behaviors on the road, such as harsh braking and speeding. Administrators can quickly retrieve footage to provide feedback and exonerate drivers, reducing incidents and avoiding thousands of dollars in insurance deductibles and increased premiums.

Coshocton also uses Samsara Vehicle Gateways to provide real-time data on fuel usage and HOS compliance. Fuel Reports and Idling Reports uncover granular insights into their drivers’ fuel consumption and idling. Using Samsara data, Coshocton was able to justify an investment of $120,000 in auxiliary power units (APUs) across their fleet, enabling them to regulate in-cab temperature while vehicles are off. This enabled them to reduce idling and improve fuel efficiency.

By leveraging Samsara Fuel and Energy Reporting, Coshocton now has data insights into how to run their fleet more efficiently, and which drivers they can afford to pay better. By switching driver compensation from mileage to percentage of fuel used, they restructured their driver pay scale to reward drivers for more fuel-efficient driving—leading to more competitive pay, improving retention, and helping them recruit more drivers.

As a result of less idling, they have also reduced vehicle wear and tear, particularly issues with diesel particulate filters (DPF). Using Samsara Idling Reports and daily Vehicle Diagnostics Reports, they can assess issues that need immediate attention, and schedule repairs for those that don’t—reducing downtime and maintenance costs. 

With Samsara HOS Reports, Coshocton also transformed their compliance management. Now, administrators access the Samsara Dashboard every morning to streamline driver assignments and update maintenance reports. As a result, Coshocton reduced HOS violations and improved operational efficiency.


Coshocton unlocked improvements across their operations—including $150K annual savings in fuel costs.

With Samsara, the transition that Coshocton has made is night and day. They’ve gone from a fully manual operation to a business powered by data, empowering them to make decisions that improve their bottom line, help them grow as a company, and increase their competitiveness. 

By implementing a comprehensive video-based safety program, Coshocton can now coach drivers in real time, leading to a 200% reduction in incidents. Previously, insurance premiums would increase by as much as $500-$1,000 per truck when incidents occur—now, Samsara has enabled Coshocton to improve safety, saving thousands of dollars in annual deductibles. In addition, Fuel and Idling Reports made it possible to overhaul their driver payscale and streamline installation of APUs across their fleet. This reduced overall idling and fuel usage, saving an estimated $150K in fuel costs annually. By leveraging Samsara Vehicle Telematics, they reduced their annual maintenance costs by 5-10%. They also streamlined driver assignments and improved HOS compliance, leading to a 90% increase in clean DOT inspections.