The City of Memphis takes citizen services to the next level with Samsara

The Public Works division leverages the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud to reduce incidents, protect their assets, and enhance service delivery. As a result, they are improving the quality of life for Memphis citizens.

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Meet the City of Memphis

Limited visibility made it difficult to service citizen requests safely and efficiently.

With a population of 633,000, Memphis is the second largest city in Tennessee. The Public Works division, comprising 17 departments, works to keep the city running—managing the operation and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure including streets, sewer sanitation, code enforcement, and more. 

Under the leadership of Robert Knecht, Director of Public Works, technology has always been at the forefront of the City’s operations. While innovative software such as ArcGIS helped to improve efficiency, they needed real-time visibility to fully meet their citizens’ needs. To adapt to recent challenges, such as the rise in equipment theft and a new “Hands Free Law”—not to mention thousands of service requests that pour in daily—Knecht once again looked to technology to improve visibility and streamline service delivery. 

It was important for the City to find a technology partner flexible enough to integrate with their existing systems while providing greater visibility into service delivery—so they could fulfill their mission of delivering exceptional services to the citizens of Memphis.

Centralized data and real-time visibility transforms service delivery.

The City of Memphis is leveraging the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud to gain real-time visibility into safety and service delivery across their vast operations—centralizing data across 17 departments. In addition, the City is leveraging Samsara’s open API to integrate this data with critical business systems. This enables them to improve safety, protect their assets, and enhance service delivery.

City of Memphis Video-based Safety


Reducing distracted driving by 75% with AI-based coaching.

AI Dash Cams transformed safety at the City of Memphis. After securing buy-in from their unions and drivers, they leveraged Samsara’s Video-Based Safety and Proactive Coaching solution to achieve a 75% reduction in distracted driving. In addition, on-demand video retrieval enabled them to protect city employees by exonerating them from not-at-fault claims, saving thousands of dollars in insurance payouts.



Streamlining service delivery with ArcGIS integration.

The City can streamline thousands of service requests thanks to the Samsara and ArcGIS integration, providing them with visibility to deliver exceptional citizen services. By overlaying Samsara data onto an interactive map, managers can reallocate nearby employees to address issues quickly and efficiently—accelerating response times and improving the quality of life for the Memphis community.


City of Memphis Data & Integrations

City of Memphis Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle with wifi

Accelerating response times with best-in-class vehicle telematics.

The Public Works division gained full visibility into the location of their vehicles and service issues with real-time GPS. The Samsara Dashboard provides administrators with powerful real-time insights, enabling them to streamline routing, accelerate service delivery, and improve operational efficiency.


asset tracking icon

Protecting equipment from theft with real-time visibility.

When several of the City’s mowers—each worth $20,000—were stolen, the City leveraged Samsara’s real-time GPS to easily track and recover their stolen units, saving them $40,000+ in recovered assets.


City of Memphis Asset Tracking

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