How All Aboard America Optimizes Safety and Efficiency with Data

With Samsara, All Aboard America has transformed fleet safety and improved back-office efficiency to retain drivers and increase profitability.

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Meet All Aboard America

Disconnected, manual processes strained resources and limited data-backed decision making 

All Aboard America (AAA) is a passenger transportation company operating private charters and public routes in three states. Serving a wide range of customers in high-traffic locations across the southwest, maintaining the safety of their passengers as well as other vehicles and pedestrians requires constant, 360-degree focus from their drivers. “You have to be on your game every minute of every day—people's lives are depending upon it,” says Kathy Weidenbaum, Director of Safety at AAA.

Prior to Samsara, AAA used disparate, legacy systems for reporting, driver coaching, and tracking the efficiency and health of their fleet. Without access to detailed data from a single source of truth, making informed business decisions was a challenge. AAA needed a solution that would connect their operations to provide greater data insights, streamline administrative work, and proactively ensure the safety of their drivers and passengers.

One platform to transform operations through data 

By uniting driver coaching, fleet management, and administrative work with Samsara, AAA has gained a holistic view into their business to retain drivers, improve profitability, and reduce administrative workload—all informed by data in the Connected Operations Cloud. 

All Aboard America is the 2022 Samsara Connected Operations Awards Winner for Driver of the Year.

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Using technology to train drivers at scale

Operating a large fleet, AAA needed an innovative solution to coach and protect their drivers. Using Samsara Virtual Coach and AI Dash Cams, they now offer mobile-first, video-based coaching to help their drivers build safe habits while protecting them against incident claims. Since implementing Samsara, their drivers have an average Safety Score of 90, and AAA experiences less claim payouts and lowered insurance premiums.

Watch how Stephanie Salcido rose through the ranks at AAA from driver to driver trainer with help from Samsara.


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Simplified workflows and reporting free up resources on-the-road and in-office

Before Samsara, AAA drivers manually completed paper reports for each trip which proved tedious for both the drivers and administrative team who were responsible for uploading the reports. After introducing the Samsara Driver App, AAA streamlined their drivers’ workflows with mobile forms and reports. By automating driver reporting, their operations are now nearly 100% paperless and they save 30 minutes per trip, totaling 500 hours saved weekly.



Boosting the bottom line with data-informed discoveries 

Prior to Samsara, AAA relied on industry benchmarks to inform their cost-per-mile and pricing structure. Using Samsara’s open API, AAA was able to automate and cross-pollinate data collection from several platforms to discover discrepancies between industry benchmarks and their actual operating costs. As a result, AAA reduced their administrative workload by 20%, saving $1.6 million annually. 


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AAA Vehicle Telematics

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Customized fleet benchmarks cut fuel and maintenance costs

Without detailed and consistent reporting, AAA didn’t have the full picture into their fleet’s fuel usage and route efficiency. Using Samsara, AAA was able to identify quarter-over-quarter driving patterns to reduce fuel usage by 3%, resulting in $140,000 saved in a single year. Additionally, vehicle diagnostic data aggregated in their dashboard allows maintenance to mitigate costly surprise repairs. 


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