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One Billion Reasons to Be Grateful

December 4, 2023

CEO and co-founder of Samsara
Sanjit Biswas

CEO & Co-Founder


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We just hit another exciting milestone in our company’s history! This time, we surpassed $1 billion in annual recurring revenue (ARR). I’m proud of all the work that has brought us to this moment, which is so much more than a financial milestone for us. John and I started Samsara by focusing on solving real-world problems — making our customers’ operations safer, more efficient, and sustainable. We stayed true to our roots and worked alongside our customers on this. With the entire Samsara team behind them, we’re excited to see our customers getting real ROI from our platform and making a meaningful impact on their operations. We’re solving their toughest challenges and doing it at a tremendous scale. 

We are just a few months shy of our ninth birthday as a company. During this short time as a company, we’ve grown to over 2,000 Samsarians, 19,000 customers, and 260 platform partners. We’ve created a culture to grow with us, driven by our mission and values, and today we’re recognized as a best place to work. We’re building an enduring business.

I’ve been thinking about what’s made so much growth in such a short time possible. At our core, we’re driven by our customer feedback loop. Our customers run the world’s infrastructure, and with them we’re able to make a significant difference in their safety, operational efficiency, and sustainability. By building true partnerships with our customers and getting to know them and their frontline workers, we can develop and deploy new technology to make their jobs better and safer. The most exciting part is that there’s always more to do – the world of physical operations is vast, and there will always be new ways to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability at scale. 

I’ve also been reflecting on the sizable, collective impact we’ve made so far, and it is what makes me most proud. Last year alone, we:

Samsara 2022 impact

The real-world impact shown at scale is what personally motivates me every day. Behind all of these numbers are real people who have taken steps to change their operations for the better. Our customers are the real heroes driving change, and I'd like to share three of their stories. 

ArcBest was one of our first enterprise customers and we started working with them just a few years after being in business. They are a multi-billion dollar integrated logistics company with a long history of investing in cutting-edge technology. Lloyd Keefer at ArcBest Technologies shared with me that it was our commitment to partnership and innovation that stood out to them, and together we accomplished more in three months than they did in three years with their previous provider. We’ve also learned a lot from them. Through our feedback loop, we understood the need for a simplified view into operations across departments and levels. 

City of Memphis

City of Memphis​​

The City of Memphis, one of the most populous cities in Tennessee, and the place more than 633,000 people call home, is another great example. When I visited Memphis a few months ago, I was struck by the deep dedication everyone we met had to their city (and their BBQ!). We helped 17 departments improve driver safety and help their citizens get information about local roads. The City has since reduced distracted driving by 70% and citizens can now see live tracking of street sweeping services, which has helped build confidence in service delivery. 

M Group Services

M Group Services

Across the pond in the UK and Ireland, we work with M Group Services, a leading essential infrastructure services provider operating within the water, energy, transport, and telecommunication sectors. One of the opportunities we’ve spoken a lot about is sustainability —they have a goal to achieve a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 and reach net zero before 2050. Our data helps them shift to more eco-friendly energy sources and educate drivers on how behaviors like idling impact the environment. 

While all of these customers have differences in location, industry, customers served, and more, each is using data to improve their organizations in ways that will strengthen our economy and the well-being of people around the world. 

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So, thank you to all of our dedicated and innovative employees, customers, partners, and investors who helped achieve this milestone in our growth journey! The best is yet to come. I can’t wait to see the impact we can make on a broader scale with our customers and in our communities, together.


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