GardaWorld Security improves safety at scale to reduce speeding by 74%

Samsara enables this security services provider with visibility and data to improve driver safety and eliminate manual work across their expansive operations.

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Meet GardaWorld Security

Limited data and visibility put safety at risk.

GardaWorld Security is a company of GardaWorld, a global leader in security services, integrated risk management, and cash management solutions. With 75 branches in the United States alone and a team of 7,500 drivers to continuously provide service to their customers, GardaWorld Security must ensure consistent safety standards across their workforces and branches.  

GardaWorld Security operates thousands of vehicles across the country as part of their patrol services that take place virtually anywhere, at any time. With much of their work happening at night, they continuously look for new ways to combat drowsiness and distracted driving to ensure driver safety, but their previous telematics system only reported on basic driver performance metrics such as speeding and seatbelt use. Additionally, they did not have sightlines into their vehicles—they needed visibility into the cab and robust reporting to improve safety at scale.  

Innovative solutions to overhaul their safety program.

When deciding on a technology partner, Samsara’s innovative safety solutions and commitment to continuous improvement excited the team at GardaWorld Security. Throughout the evaluation process, they brought in a range of decision-makers, from their Field Support Services Manager to Chief Security Officer, to ensure a 360-degree review of the system. 

They initially equipped 650 vehicles with AI Dash Cams and Vehicle Telematics but the distributed nature of their branches made installation complex. To stay on track, GardaWorld Security partnered with Samsara Implementation Consultants to complete the job. Once up and running, they immediately had access to their safety data and were able to take action using the intuitive interface. Today, GardaWorld Security is proud of how they’ve transformed safety for their employees with Samsara. “Safety is one of our biggest competitive differentiators and Samsara enables us to be an industry leader with our safety program and technology," said Kimmy Favazza, Director of Marketing.

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Improving key safety metrics with in-cab alerts.

GardaWorld Security had access to limited safety data from their telematics system but without visibility into the cab, they couldn’t proactively improve their safety program. After deploying Samsara AI Dash Cams, they turned on real-time, in-cab alerts to coach drivers on safer habits. In just one year, they improved several safety metrics including a 74% reduction in speeding, a 67% decrease in close following distance, and 25% less rolling stops.


Security patrol vehicles

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Driver App

Streamlined workflows increase compliance by 30%.

Employing more than 7,500 drivers, ensuring compliance at scale was a challenge for GardaWorld Security. Since rolling out the Driver App to their expansive team, they’ve simplified compliance with Samsara’s intuitive tools and streamlined workflows. Now, GardaWorld Security enables their drivers with the Driver App’s guided start-of-day workflow to improve regulatory compliance by 30%.


Samsara Platform

Eliminating manual work to improve productivity by 25%.

GardaWorld Security relies on several systems to effectively run their complex operations. This created duplicative, manual work for their employees, especially when managing their massive team of drivers. Using Samsara’s open API, they can integrate their existing data with Samsara to recreate workflows, alerts, and more, freeing up 25% of their specialists' time previously spent entering data into multiple systems.


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Patrol vehicles en route

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Protecting assets with total fleet visibility.

Limited data and visibility from GardaWorld Security’s previous telematics provider created inefficiencies and blind spots when managing their fleet. To proactively protect their vehicles, GardaWorld Security deployed Vehicle Telematics to monitor their fleet in real time with GPS tracking and geofence alerts. 


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