3 Ways to Differentiate Your Insurance Programs with Samsara

October 12, 2022

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Margaret Good

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Insurance partners are facing evolving consumer expectations and technology-driven disruptions, alongside intense cost pressures and constant threat of nuclear verdicts. At Samsara, we understand this changing landscape and are uniquely positioned to help you address these challenges. We are your partner for building differentiated insurance programs that will help your business and your customers by providing: 

  • technology solutions with proven success at reducing risk at scale, and improving loss control efforts.

  • seamless integrations to enable you to automate your processes and data.

  • collaboration and expertise to inform unique programs and offerings for your clients and insureds.  

Mitigate risk with insights from easy-to-use technology

Safety is a core pillar of our mission and a top priority for you and our customers. Our Video-Based Safety solutions, including dash cams and Site Visibility, enable visibility and coaching that can improve profitability through loss control. 

Through a partnership with Samsara, insurance carriers and brokers are able to have a consistent and accurate way to measure and decrease customer risk over time. Risk managers who implement strategies to reduce crash frequency and severity can better protect their drivers and vehicles, improve renewal prospects, and reduce total cost of risk. Our partners are also able to use this visibility to identify crashes and thefts across their customer base to quickly provide first notice of loss and support other claims processes. 

Samsara technology is built to improve fleet safety, increase visibility, and more accurately measure results— decreasing customer risk. When your insureds are using Samsara, they can proactively monitor crashes, thefts, and other workplace incidents, and easily identify risk using safety data, available in our consolidated dashboard. On average, our customers see a 47% reduction in crashes within the first year of adopting at least one of Samsara’s solutions. Those who use both Vehicle Telematics and Video-Based Safety solutions see a 63% drop in crash rate within the first year. As an insurance carrier or broker, gaining this visibility into safety events across your customers’ fleets allows you to better inform your risk management models and begin to proactively improve risk with your insureds. We have also seen partners find significant risk management improvements by encouraging fleet safety with their insureds through the creation of subsidy offerings, premium discounts, or coaching programs.  

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Identify areas for new operational efficiencies 

When it comes to validating claims and documentation, delays can lead to a poor customer experience, but many of our partners aren’t sure where to start when it comes to automating the process. Improve operational efficiency within your organization by building custom integrations with Samsara’s open API. Our tools can help automate traditionally manual processes like client assessments, go-to-market plans, and renewal strategies by leveraging data available in the Samsara Dashboard. 

With features like our Safety Overview, Safety Settings, and real-time alerts, partners can begin to streamline the data they are reviewing. And, our open APIs and developer community enable automation to improve internal processes. For example, we have seen partners use instant retrieval of video footage and incident data to more quickly process and respond to claims. Samsara safety data can be used to inform account level underwriting decisions. And on the broker side, partners can use Samsara safety data to help build and consult fleets on their safety programs, risk, and insurance renewal strategies. 

Develop your unique competitive advantage 

With constantly evolving consumer expectations and technology-driven disruptions in a crowded market, it’s important for you to offer differentiated programs that will enable you to stand out and deliver an exceptional experience to your clients and insureds. Samsara has a team dedicated to working with our insurance partners to help you further establish your own competitive advantage. Our team can collaborate with you to build out programs that will help you achieve your goals and differentiate yourself in the market. 

We have worked with many of our partners today to create hyper-personalized solutions that meet the needs for both your organization and your insureds. Our team acts as a trusted technology advisor when it comes to building out your world-class insurance program and an innovative thought partner to help you uncover additional program opportunities. We have helped to build and launch 30+ unique insurance programs to date, in just the past few years. 

Through partnership and collaboration with Samsara, we can provide you with technology expertise to enhance your insurance strategy, helping to bring these programs to market faster together. Once these programs have been created, Samsara can help unlock additional opportunities to market these programs through channels such as our App Marketplace and the customer relationships built by our direct sales team. 

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Build your differentiated program with Samsara 

As a best-in-class partner for insurance, Samsara can help you build a program that will improve safety, better assess risk, streamline your existing processes with technology, and deliver a unique and exceptional experience to your insureds. 

Interested in seeing how Samsara can help you achieve your business goals and improve the safety of your clients and insureds? Submit an application to become an insurance partner at or reach out to the team directly at to build your program with Samsara today.


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