Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot (SDAP)

Understanding the Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot (SDAP): New FMCSA Program to Train Young Drivers

What motor carriers need to know about the young driver apprenticeship pilot program and requirements for participating

Black female driver in tan shirt, smiling and holding a tablet in front of a white truck
New Features, Fleet Management

Introducing New Workflows to Keep Drivers Safe and Productive

On National Truckers Day, we’re excited to share new workflows to guide every driver through the mission-critical moments of their day.

Driver driving a blue truck
Fleet Management, Fleet Safety

3 Ways to Appreciate Drivers and Improve Their Experience

In honor of National Driver Appreciation Week, learn how our customers appreciate and retain their drivers with simple, safe, and engag...

Advancing Your Safety Journey: Reporting & Coaching Tools
Fleet Safety, Industrial

Advancing Your Safety Journey: Reporting & Coaching Tools for Continuous Improvement

Unlock actionable data insights, make coaching scalable and effective, and achieve continuous safety improvements.

National Safety Month Q&A with Alexander Stevenson
Fleet Safety, Connected Sites

The Future of Operational Safety in a More Remote World: Q&A with Alexander Stevenson

An interview with Alexander Stevenson on safety trends and technologies to keep an eye on this National Safety Month.

National Safety Header
Fleet Safety, Connected Sites

Tips for National Safety Month: 3 Ways Samsara Can Help Prevent Incidents Across Your Operations

Safety tips for reducing preventable injuries across your operations—on the road, across your worksites, and beyond.

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