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Announcing New Solutions to Drive Real-World Impact with Data, Insights, and Action

June 27, 2024

Nirav Patel
Nirav Patel

Vice President, Product Marketing


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In the world of physical operations, the last few years have brought remarkable change. The challenges have been enormous—once-in-a-generation supply chain disruption, for example—and organizations have found innovative ways to adapt and grow. 

That resilience is being tested again as the pace and magnitude of change gets even more intense. We are entering a new wave of digital transformation in physical operations, one where sensors are smaller and more sensitive, and the data they collect continues to grow exponentially. Other advancements, such as AI, are making it possible to quickly analyze that data to discover new insights and opportunities. 

At Samsara, helping our customers tackle new challenges like these is at the heart of what we do. Our customers immerse us in their operations, we use data to iterate on new solutions, and we put those ideas into action. The result is innovative new product offerings like the ones we're announcing today: 

  • Asset Tag 

  • Next-Generation Smart Trailers 

  • Connected Workflows 

  • Connected Training 

  • New AI Detections 

  • Advanced Custom Reports 

The scale of our platform and our customer feedback loop gives us unique insights into how we can deliver the most impact on physical operations. For example, our AI and machine learning engineers use our large data set to develop industry-leading new AI detections to help prevent incidents like lane departures and drowsy driving, while our 2,000,000+ vehicle and asset gateways have enabled us to create Asset Tag and the Samsara Network, solutions that give visibility into small yet critical assets. 

At the same time, our commitment to the worker experience informs products like Connected Training and Connected Workflows, solutions that not only help organizations be more proactive to make workers safer, but also boost engagement while improving efficiency. 

Moreover, Samsara is driving innovation to connect every aspect of operations. Smart Trailer features deliver new maintenance and driver efficiency insights for smarter, safer fleets. Organizations can also understand their data in new ways with Advanced Custom Reports, powerful tools to discover and share performance insights. 

These solutions will help organizations embrace digital opportunities now so they can be safer, more efficient, and operate smarter overall. Read on to learn more about Samsara’s latest products and partnerships. 

Track and locate small mission-critical assets with Asset Tag.

It’s easy to lose track of critical tools on a busy job site, and all of those losses can add up. In fact, a significant number of tool purchases are made due to loss, theft, and damage, and buying replacements can cost millions of dollars a year. Workers can also waste valuable time waiting for tools and equipment on job sites, creating significant delays and potentially lowering customer satisfaction. 

With Asset Tag, Samsara is making it easy to track and locate small assets that are critical to your operation. Asset Tag is a small tracker that can be attached to valuable assets such as toolboxes, jackhammers, chemical totes, and more. 

Asset Detail Page

This equipment can then be tracked using the Samsara Network, an industrial network comprising millions of devices that give organizations near real-time visibility across all of their assets. Asset Tag also offers the ability to see inventory by location, as well as an Asset Search feature that allows you to share asset locations with technicians via the Samsara Driver App. Moreover, Asset Tag offers Asset Filtering, a tool that provides a summary of your equipment and allows you to apply filters to see which tools are in proximity to your fleet for proactive asset management. 

With Asset Tag, organizations can reduce theft and misplacement to help control equipment costs, while also lowering downtime at job sites and time spent on searching for tools, helping to boost productivity. 

Asset Tag is shipping now. Click here for more information.

Run safer, more efficient trailer operations with Next-Generation Smart Trailers. 

Today's fleets face a range of rising demands, from increasing safety and ensuring compliance, to combating fuel waste and cargo theft. In fact, these issues have pushed the cost of operating a truck to $2.25 per mile, an all-time high. Managers need comprehensive solutions to lower costs, boost efficiency, and improve safety performance across their fleets

Samsara’s latest Next-Generation Smart Trailer features can help do just that. Today, Samsara introduced new trailer telematics features and frontline efficiency tools to help fleets run a safer and more efficient trailer operation. With these new offerings, organizations can take advantage of: 

  • Rapid deployment. Organizations can get GPS tracking up and running within minutes, accelerating time-to-install with discreet undercarriage deployment. 

  • Improved driver efficiency. Organizations can streamline tractor-trailer drop and hooks to catch trailer assignment errors early and avoid unplanned trailer mispulls. In addition, drivers can search for trailers and navigate to them from directly within the Samsara Driver App, helping them get on the road with the right loads faster.

  • Trailer Telematics. Organizations can optimize trailer maintenance to keep drivers safe, trailers efficient, and CSA scores high with advanced trailer telematics. Real-time visibility into electrical power and Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) helps fleets accelerate troubleshooting for critical safety and compliance issues on trailers. 

Smart Trailers Trailer Telematics Image

As part of Trailer Telematics, Samsara is partnering with Continental Tire and Hendrickson to provide remote visibility into tires. With Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) insights from Continental, and Automatic Tire Inflation System (ATIS) insights from Hendrickson, fleets will be able to take action on critical tire issues, helping them reduce tire-related safety incidents and costs.

New Smart Trailer rapid deployment and driver efficiency tools are generally available to Early Access customers now in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Trailer Telematics is in Early Release for customers in North America. Click here for more information.

Build powerful automated workflows to improve safety and efficiency with Connected Workflows.

Digitizing documents can unlock a number of benefits. In fact, with the launch of Samsara Connected Forms last year, we’ve seen organizations digitize over 230 million workflows for everything from equipment inspections to site safety audits. This has helped them shed the weight of paper processes that slow down operations. 

Now we’re taking the next step in making workers safer and more productive with Connected Workflows. With new workflow automation capabilities, Samsara is making it easy to complete multi-day processes in seconds. And by using data within the Samsara platform, Connected Workflows is able to do things that were excessively time-consuming before. For example, if a Samsara Vehicle Gateway detects a crash, Connected Workflows can automatically assign an incident report to the driver of the vehicle. And once the form is submitted and approved, a root cause analysis form can be assigned to a supervisor. By creating multi-step workflows, we're eliminating busy work for field workers and freeing up admin time to tackle new business challenges. 

Connected Workflows Image

Connected Workflows is available to Samsara customers worldwide. Click here for more information.

Use integrated, data-driven learning to upskill your workforce with Connected Training.

Safety leaders know that training is essential to keeping workers safe on the job. Training consistently ranks near the top of must-haves for strong safety performance, with 40% of safety managers saying that training and training standards are one of the top-five solutions to industry safety problems.

However, training for physical operations workers is often far less effective than it could be. Despite many operations having distributed workforces, training often takes place at pre-scheduled times in person, making it more time-consuming than it needs to be and leading to lost productivity. In-person training groups can also be large, with lessons that prioritize critical issues but do not address workers’ unique needs at scale.

With Samsara’s Connected Training, organizations now have a way to train workers anytime, anywhere with remote access to courses directly in the Samsara Driver App. As training courses are directly integrated with the Samsara platform, managers can assign them to workers using behavior-based data and enforce completion within a certain timeframe. Moreover, trainings can also be personalized with course creation and import capabilities or SambaSafety expert-led videos, helping to streamline all training requirements across your organization.

Connected Training Quiz Image

Customers who use Connected Training are already seeing significant benefits. Medico, a leading healthcare linen services provider based in Southern California, saw an 80% reduction in the time their team spent on administrative work, as well as a 67% drop in time drivers spent on their trainings. Emery Sapp & Sons, a leading heavy civil construction contractor in the Midwest, was able to lower safety events per 1K miles by 40%. 

Connected Training will be available to purchase in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico later this summer. Click here to learn more.

Reduce on-the-road risk and tailor coaching with new AI Detections.

Driven by increasing costs and operating in high-risk work environments, organizations are looking to reduce risk with AI technology and safety data. With Samsara’s AI detections, customers can empower their drivers on the road, to drive more safely in real-time.

Currently rolling out to customers, these AI-based detections proactively alert drivers to several new risky behaviors to help drivers be safer in the moment. These capabilities are integrated with Samsara’s coaching workflows and reporting capabilities to help managers quickly identify repeat behaviors and provide targeted video-based coaching. Samsara's newest real-time AI detections include:

  • Forward Collision Warning to help prevent drivers from getting into a rear-end collision. A-One Chipseal, a full-service asphalt maintenance and pavement preservation company based in Denver, Colorado has reduced their forward collisions from 50% of all accidents to 0% using the detection.  

  • Drowsiness Detection to help drivers stay alert on the road and notify managers to early signs of fatigue. Sentinel Transportation, a leading provider of transportation services for crude oil, fuel, and other products, is using the detection to alert drivers to early signs of drowsiness. According to Sentinel, "Getting a proactive alert that a driver is fatigued or yawning allows us to contact them to avoid a potential collision."

  • Lane Departure Warning to help prevent unsafe lane departures and reduce side-swiping risks in real-time. Certarus, a North American leader in providing on-road low carbon energy solutions, including compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen, is using the detection to improve coaching. According to the Certarus team, “Now we have the full story so managers can coach drivers and understand why they're going over the line in the first place.”

AI Detection Images

Our newest AI-based detections are rolling out globally over the next few months. Click here to learn more.

Create data driven, customizable insights with Advanced Custom Reports.

Organizations can access more data than ever before. In fact, Samsara customers created 9 trillion data points with the Samsara Platform over the past year. Now, Advanced Custom Reports can help frontline operators and business analysts derive more insights and showcase data more effectively.  

An intuitive, enterprise-grade report builder, Advanced Custom Reports gives users more ways to filter data, create drag and drop visualizations, and create customized analytics. 

Advanced Custom Reports will be available in beta late this summer.

In addition, two Samsara Data Connectors have been updated with new availability: 

  • The Samsara Power BI Connector is now available to customers worldwide. The Power BI Connector is Microsoft Certified and comes with out-of-the-box template dashboards. 

  • The Samsara Kafka Connector will be available worldwide later this summer. 

These Data Connectors are powerful tools to combine Samsara data with other systems, such as an ERP or HR system, to help unlock new insights. Click here to learn more. 

See real impact today and prepare for the future with Samsara.

Samsara is helping organizations across a range of industries deploy technology that makes a tangible impact today. As the world of operations continues to evolve, we will be with our customers every step of the way to help make sure they can take advantage of every opportunity the new era of operations will bring.

To learn more about how the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud can help you transform your operations, get in touch with our team.


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