<span style="color: #333;">Sprint Waste works with some of the largest industrial plants and refineries in the country, including ExxonMobil, Marathon, and Phillips 66. One of the reasons they continue to win these contracts? Their commitment to safety.</span>

Starting at the top, the company’s leadership thinks safety first. In fact, President Dave Nelson installed a Samsara Dash Cam in his own personal vehicle before rolling out the technology fleet-wide last year. In 2019, the company saw a 58% decrease in speeding incidents, 50% increase in miles per safety incident, and 50% decrease in average dollars per claim—all while further decreasing their already stellar driver turnover rate to just 25.6%.


Hear how Sprint Waste creates a positive safety culture

decrease in speeding

increase in miles per safety incident

estimated savings at last insurance renewal

Sprint Waste’s keys to success

Proactively coaching drivers and tracking safety improvements

With more than 20 managers responsible for hundreds of drivers across 14 locations, accountability and consistency are key to Sprint Waste’s coaching strategy. They hold weekly (sometimes daily) safety meetings with drivers, and their entire leadership team has a safety call every Friday that Nelson leads. Now, with Samsara, they can proactively identify coachable moments and give drivers feedback using actual footage of themselves. Samsara has helped Sprint Waste increase the consistency and efficacy of 1:1 and group coaching, contributing to a 58% decrease in speeding incidents, 50% increase in miles per safety incident, and 50% decrease in average dollars per claim.

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Potentially saving millions of dollars on insurance and legal costs

Any time a Sprint Waste driver is involved in an accident, the safety team does an exhaustive root cause analysis. Before Samsara, it would often become a “he said she said” situation, leading to costly litigation. With footage from Samsara Dash Cams, Sprint Waste was able to exonerate drivers from more than half (52%) of all accidents in 2019, saving potentially millions of dollars in avoided lawsuits and contributing to $500,000 saved in their recent insurance renewal.

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Streamlining their maintenance workflow and ensuring vehicle safety

Vehicle safety is just as important as driver safety. Sprint Waste keeps a “Safety Calendar” for each of their 14 locations, which includes regular activities like mock Level 2 inspections and hidden “red tags” for drivers to find during pre-trip inspections. Now, with Samsara, their maintenance team gets default code alert emails remotely, increasing efficiency. Plus, with paperless DVIRs uploaded in real time to their dashboard, they can ensure that vehicles are always safe to operate.

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Top Fleet Awards honor fleets that demonstrate outstanding safety, customer service, performance, and community impact.