At GP Transco, drivers come first. Drivers are empowered to provide frequent feedback to ensure their voice is considered in every new program or initiative, and it shows.

Whether it’s finding new ways to stay fuel efficient or reduce maintenance turnaround times, GP Transco always starts with the driver’s perspective. While this helps drivers feel more included, it also benefits the business. Their driver-first approach has helped GP Transco achieve a quantifiable, positive impact on their drivers’ day-to-day while also maintaining an impressive rate of innovation. It has also helped GP Transco maintain one of the lowest driver turnover rates in the industry.

We treat our drivers as the backbone of our company. If it wasn’t for the drivers, we wouldn’t be here. We really focus on making sure they feel heard and respected."


VP of Safety and HR, GP Transco

Hear how GP Transco creates a driver-first culture


decrease in speeding


lower turnover
rate than
industry average


in annual fuel savings

GP Transco’s keys to success

Rewarding drivers for fuel efficient driving behavior

Like any business scaling their operations, GP Transco is always looking for ways to increase efficiency and decrease costs. The difference at GP Transco is that drivers are always part of the conversation. When GP Transco leveraged Samsara fuel data to find ways to reduce fuel costs across their fleet, they created a program that rewards drivers for fuel efficient driving behavior. The program has helped GP Transco save 205,000 gallons of fuel and $350,000 in fuel costs—money that’s used to directly fund the driver bonus program.

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Personalizing coaching to reduce risky driving behavior

A video-based approach to safety has helped GP Transco provide "aha" moments to drivers who might otherwise be unaware of their unsafe behaviors. By using Samsara AI Dash Cam footage for in-person coaching, drivers get a personalized approach to safety which has helped them improve their driving habits and stay safer on the roads. Last year, GP Transco reduced speeding by 66%, decreased accidents by 30%, and improved their CSA score in the “Unsafe Driving” category in just eight months.

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Creating a frictionless maintenance experience for drivers

Drivers are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting a fleet. That’s why GP Transco places such a high premium on equipment durability and maintenance. To accomplish this, they cycle out vehicles every three years so drivers have access to the newest equipment, use Samsara DVIRs for frictionless communication between drivers and maintenance staff,  and have an in-house maintenance department for faster turn-around times. There's even a gym and basketball court for drivers to use while they wait for repairs!

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Top Fleet Awards honor fleets that demonstrate outstanding safety, customer service, performance, and community impact.