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<span style="color: #333;">ArcBest connects current and new technologies to automate repetitive tasks, improve data accuracy, and increase overall safety and efficiency.</span>

These technological investments allow ArcBest to better serve their drivers and customers. Last year, ArcBest deployed 32 new API endpoints that connected operations between their internal systems and the Samsara platform. By integrating Samsara’s Hours of Service (HOS) data with their in-house compliance tool, they were able to decrease time spent managing unassigned HOS by 50% resulting in better compliance. That time savings is incredibly valuable to a fleet this size and can be invested in critical business priorities. The team is just scratching the surface of what is possible.

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deployed API endpoints

less time spent managing unassigned HOS

decrease in preventable road accidents

ArcBest’s keys to success

Building a custom integration using open API

ArcBest considers themselves “pragmatic innovators” as the practical needs of the business drives their creative problem-solving. When they needed a tool to manage compliance, they developed their own. Their previous electronic logging device (ELD) provider lacked the complete integration they needed, leaving ArcBest vulnerable to inaccuracies and penalties. The Samsara platform’s open API enabled a custom integration into their proprietary tool, increasing accuracy of their HOS compliance.

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Reliable technology that saves time and money

With nearly 7,000 drivers, ArcBest needs to know that their team can count on their ELD provider to work reliably, with minimal downtime. “When drivers have to revert to paper logs, that requires manual entries and it becomes a big drain on time.” said Matt Jarvis, Manager, Information Systems at ArcBest Technologies. The Samsara Vehicle Gateway provides ArcBest with a dependable tool to collect data, saving time and maintenance costs.

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Coach drivers with real footage from AI Dash Cams

ArcBest prioritizes the safety of their nearly 7,000 drivers with a robust coaching and incentive program that engages drivers, regardless if they are road or city drivers. Footage captured from Samsara AI Dash Cams help make coaching more impactful, providing a clear picture of what they did and what they could improve. Video-based driver coaching has helped decrease the frequency of preventable accidents by 13%. 

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