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Opportunity, Autonomy, and a Thriving, Supportive Culture: Why We Joined the Samsara DACH Team

June 8, 2022

Mathias Pesjak
Mathias Pesjak

Mid-market sales, DACH

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I joined Samsara around three years ago and since then I’ve seen the business go on an incredible journey, growing rapidly as essential businesses look to optimize their physical operations.

Building our team across the DACH region—Germany (D), Austria (A), and Switzerland (CH)—is a priority in 2022, as more and more companies look to digitally transform using Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud.

We’re on a fast growth path and it’s an exciting stage in our development in Europe. Yet we are only just scratching the surface of what’s possible in transforming the way essential businesses operate.

I want more people to join us on our journey, so I got thinking about what sets us apart from other organizations. 

Why join Samsara? I spoke to the people who are ideally placed to tell me — our DACH sales and business development team. These are the four reasons that really stood out to me.

1. The market opportunity

Physical operations businesses currently represent around 40% of global GDP. They are the backbone of the global economy, but the challenges facing these businesses are largely unmet by the technology they’re using today. 

Christina Dennstedt, Senior Account Executive and Team Lead for Samsara’s Inside Sales, said, “There is huge potential to digitize the industries we are working in, as they have been left behind with the digital transformation that many other industries saw in the previous years.”

Christina points to the dash cam market in Germany as being a very new market with a lot of opportunity and Samsara is ideally positioned to take advantage of growing interest and demand. Lee Köppel, Senior Account Executive for Samsara Inside Sales, sums it up nicely: “Samsara offers game-changing technology in the DACH region for a historically underserved market. The addressable opportunity couldn’t be any better.”

Samsara DACH Office

2. Our culture

When I asked our DACH team what they enjoy most about working with Samsara, the answer was unanimous: “the people.” 

One of our core values is ‘win as a team’ and this shines through in the way we work together and support each other. “We win together, celebrate together, and support each other,” said Lee.

The atmosphere in our office is fun, zealous, and inclusive, and that expands beyond the physical environment to virtual groups and online working. 

For me, the best thing about being at Samsara is working with and learning from great people. We make time for each other, collaborate, and share both our challenges and successes. 

Alex Gnädig, Senior Account Executive for Samsara Inside Sales, can be a man of few words, but they speak volumes about our culture. When I asked him “what’s great about working with Samsara?” he simply said: “Coming to work feels like a family reunion.” 

Samsara DACH Office

3. A global tech brand, with local autonomy

Friends often ask me what it’s like to work for a US-headquartered company. The last three years have been incredibly positive and that’s because the leadership team's supportive approach. 

As a DACH team, we are empowered to make decisions in our local market, but also have the support of a large global team.

This allows us to be forward-thinking and innovative in how we cater to our customers' needs and in how we set up our internal business. Our cultural understanding of our local market is respected, which is incredibly important. 

As Daniel Kusch, Senior Account Executive for Samsara Inside Sales, said: “I’m a big fan of the level of autonomy granted at Samsara. You run your own small business and I enjoy being close to our customers and prospects to see the benefits of our technology.”

There’s a real sense of drive and determination running through the business too, which comes from our head office but shines through with everyone I speak to across EMEA. As my colleague Alex puts it: “You really get a feel of the ambition that sits in many US-headquartered tech companies, that everything is possible—and that is really exciting.”

Samsara DACH office

4. Employee support and wellbeing

In my experience, there is nothing but support from the business and Samsara colleagues in creating a working environment that ensures every member of the team can perform at their best. 

My team pointed to our focus on work-life balance, well-being days on top of our holidays, and the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

There’s also Samsara’s Hootfund, which can be used by everyone to learn new skills. In addition, our Samsara for Good program enables us all to get involved in supporting charities that we care about.

Alex also highlighted our focus on professional development and our investment in developing our team’s skillset: “There are individual career plans, training sessions organized on a global and regional scale, plus a growth fund that can be used for courses or books.”

Why join Samsara?

At Samsara, the caliber of people who work with us, our product innovation, and the culture we have created is what makes us special and sets us apart from other organizations.

Lee Köppel brilliantly and succinctly concludes that you should consider Samsara for your next career move: “If you are looking for a company where you can have an impact on the world and work with a phenomenal team of people.”

Take a look at our open roles or reach out to our recruiting team on LinkedIn.

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