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Samsara Partners with EVgo to Help Accelerate Fleets’ Transition to Electric Vehicles

July 13, 2021


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Sustainability is top-of-mind for many of our customers: fleet managers across every sector—from last mile distributors to passenger transit providers to government agencies—have strict emissions targets, and sustainability initiatives have become a top priority across their organizations. 

Samsara is focused on improving the sustainability of the operations that power our economy, and a big part of that is helping fleet customers adopt electric vehicles (EVs) to help them reach their sustainability goals and operate more efficiently. In fact, since 2018 we’ve seen over 160 million cumulative hybrid and electric miles driven by customers.


There are a few key reasons why customers are adopting EVs. For example, they have lower operational costs than standard internal combustion engine vehicles, batteries are improving and becoming cheaper, and there are more EVs coming on the market than ever before. In fact, 6 million commercial EVs are expected to be on the road globally by 2025. With more fleet managers looking to adopt EVs, one of the biggest considerations is making sure they have the right charging infrastructure in place.

That’s why, we’re excited to announce that EVgo has become the first electric vehicle partner on Samsara’s Experts Marketplace—our network of trusted, certified implementation experts—to help support Samsara customers in their transition to electric vehicles.

As the nation’s largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles, EVgo is on a mission to expand the ecosystem of charging stations and enable electrification of the transportation sector. EVgo designs, owns, operates, and maintains a network of more than 1,100 Level 2 chargers and 800+ direct current fast charging locations across 34 states. As a certified partner on our Experts Marketplace, EVgo can now serve as a resource and implementation partner for Samsara customers interested in taking their next step towards electrification.

Helping electrify fleets of all kinds

In addition to maintaining the largest public EV charging network in the United States, EVgo provides a number of options to help light, medium, and heavy-duty fleets to electrify:

  • Public fast charging: EVgo provides fleets access to their existing and growing network of EVgo public fast chargers, which has an uptime rate of 98%.

  • Dedicated charging hubs: EVgo can build dedicated charger hubs for fleets without consistent “home base” charging or who need additional “opportunity” charging on the go.

  • Fleet depots: EVgo offers turnkey depot solutions that span the entire value chain for fleets, including transition planning, infrastructure deployment, equipment provisioning, software & networking, and ongoing maintenance.

Providing flexible ownership models

EVgo can also offer Samsara customers flexibility with how they pay for charging and manage costs, with different ownership models to meet their needs:

  • Charging as a service: EVgo can build, own, operate, and maintain charging hardware on behalf of Samsara customers, available in a subscription that meets their needs and turns charging into an operational expense.

  • Customer owned: Customers can build, operate and own their own charging solution, and EVgo fills in the gaps to help build, operate and maintain charging infrastructure on their behalf.

"The transportation market is electrifying at a rapid pace. Electric vehicles provide an incredible opportunity for commercial fleets when it comes to making a sustainable impact,” explained Jonathan Levy, Chief Commercial Officer at EVgo. “We believe there’s incredible potential for EV adoption within this industry and we’re excited to be partnering with Samsara to help more fleets make this transition to electric.” 

Building for an electric future

Samsara’s EV monitoring products—including the Fleet Electrification report, which helps customers assess which vehicles are best suited to be replaced with EVs—are a great combination with EVgo’s charging solutions, making it easier than ever for fleets of all kinds to electrify their operations and reach their sustainability goals. 

To learn more about getting started with electric vehicles, check out the EVgo Experts Marketplace page and join our upcoming webinar co-hosted with EVgo, How to Lead the Charge with Fleet Electrification.


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