3G Sunset Advice

Expert Advice on Tackling the 3G Sunset: From Supply Chain to Implementation Challenges

The 3G sunset is in full force. This means thousands of fleets are racing to replace 3G technology in order to maintain safety, complia...


Samsara Expands OEM Connectivity for Construction Equipment Fleets

Fuel Efficiency digital tools

Boost Fuel Efficiency with the Right Digital Solutions

Group of trucks at truck stop gas pump in Missouri, United States

Combat Rising Fuel Costs: 6 Ways to Improve Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Actions organizations can take to increase vehicle fuel economy—reducing fuel costs at scale through small changes.


Beyond GPS: 3 Ways to Boost Service Operations with Advanced Telematics

Learn how home and commercial service providers can combat labor shortage and go beyond GPS by using Samsara to improve service operati...

Efficiency, Sustainability

Introducing New Tools for Public Works Fleets to Streamline Snow Operations

Announcing three new features for streamlining snow operations: Coverage Map, Coverage Map Live Share, and Material Spreader Integratio...

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