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Streamline Operations with AI-Powered Video Security

Do you want to bring the enhanced visibility that Samsara gives you into your fleet and apply it to your warehouses, facilities, terminals, and more?

Look no further than Site Visibility, Samsara’s newest cloud-connected solution that brings the power of AI video out of the cab and into on-site facilities.

Register now to get an exclusive look at Samsara Site Visibility, and learn how it can help your team:

  • Remotely monitor all of your locations, from anywhere, with cloud-based technology

  • Gain actionable insights with AI-enhanced camera streams and intelligent search tools

  • Seamlessly integrate existing, 3rd party camera infrastructure 

  • Connect operations and data across your entire business: from production facilities, remote assets and equipment, fleets, end-customer services, and all work sites.

Webinar run time: 30 minutes of content 10 minute Q&A

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