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Samsara provides cloud-connected video security, without replacing your existing infrastructure.



Save time finding and acting on critical video footage

Site Visibility reinvents traditional security cameras by overlaying AI features on top of any 3rd party IP security camera, providing intelligent activity review and real-time visibility from your pocket. Simply install our cloud NVR (Network Video Recorder) and instantly access your camera streams in a single Samsara dashboard.

Dashboard showing camera streams from work sites

mobile app

Remote security camera access—from anywhere

Check in on your site from home or on-the-go, eliminating the need to be physically present to investigate issues in the middle of the night or across the country.

  • Mobile application (available on iOS and Android)

  • Real-time, proactive notifications via text, email, or webhook

  • Alerts based on motion, people, inactivity, or clothing


Site Visibility offers so much more than just security. You get so much more out of this product with the AI features.

Jim Terry

Director of IT, Food Express

Streamline incident investigation

Spend less time investigating incidents by using AI-driven search tools. Whether a theft occurred last night or a pallet was improperly racked in the warehouse, quickly uncover and share interesting footage.

Key Features
  • AI-search across specific areas of interest or all cameras

  • Export and share clips with internal stakeholders or external authorities

  • Save footage to your cloud library to persist indefinitely


site security dashboard

Easily navigate through historical or real-time footage

Avoid passively sifting through hours of uninteresting footage. Leverage intelligent detections to filter out irrelevant timeline activity and then zoom in directly to the activity that matters.

Key Features
  • Intelligent people, motion, and clothing detections 

  • Still previews by hovering over timeline activity

  • Easy to navigate timeline with zoom, play, pause, and skip

Automatic onboarding in minutes

Auto-detect and pull in 3rd party camera streams once the Site Gateway, our cloud NVR, is installed. Customize views, set up real-time alerts, and more, all without throttling your network’s bandwidth.

Key Features
  • Streamlined camera discovery & activation

  • Visibility into camera & gateway health

  • Granular user roles & permissions & custom views

  • Plugs into Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch


onboarding in minutes

Hardware Products

sg1 front


Site Gateway

  • Bring advanced AI to any IP camera

  • Supports up to 25 cameras

  • 30+ day storage of continuous recording*

  • Includes high-speed LTE cellular modem

sc cameras

SC11 / SC21

Site Cameras

  • 5MP high definition IP cameras

  • Ruggedized for industrial environments† 

  • Seamless install & integration with the SG1

  • Available to upgrade existing camera systems

* Storage varies by quality of footage and number of streams and can be extended based on customer needs.

†IP67 / IK10

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<span class="padding-right-2" style="display:block">Streamlined installation and onboarding allow you to quickly gain access to features out of the box, and without throttling your bandwidth.</span>

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<span class="padding-right-2" style="display:block">From a patented technology architecture to built-in security tools for administrators, Samsara ensures that your network and organization is protected.</span>

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<span class="padding-right-2" style="display:block">Our robust Knowledge Base allows you to self-service minor issues and 24/7 support ensures you’ll always have someone to call if there’s ever a problem.</span>

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