Custom KPIs

Calculate key performance indicators from real-time and historical data to make operational improvements

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Visualize key performance indicators in real-time

Use out of the box formulas or create your own custom formula to track operational KPIs in dashboards, reports, or alerts. Calculate and track metrics like well efficiency, pump healthscores, available generator load, estimated costs per year, rates of change, and more.


Preventative Maintenance

Calculate healthscores based on vibration, temperature, power consumption, and output to identify issues and link to alerts to proactively maintain equipment.


Continuous Improvement

Identify well efficiencies by comparing totalized flows, production levels, and pump efficiency score across multiple wellsites.


Cost Optimization

Combine totalized flows, power consumption, and electrical rates to understand and track total equipment costs.

How it Works

Create KPIs in the Samsara system in minutes. Here’s how it works.


    Configure formulas using predefined options or create variables and write your own.



    Calculate KPIs in real time without the need for spreadsheets or separate analysis tools.



    Visualize KPIs in dashboards or reports with a drag and drop builder.


    Out of the box formulas

    Choose from a variety of out of the box formulas to get started with:

    • Min

    • Max

    • Average

    • Totalize

    • Cumulative sum

    • Rolling time windows

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    See how San Jose Water improves pump efficiency with Samsara

    San Jose water, one of the largest water districts in the U.S, partners with Samsara to monitor pump efficiency in real-time, reducing energy costs and improving capital planning

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    Part of a complete solution for equipment monitoring and control

    Our modern approach to equipment monitoring includes mobile dashboards, alerting, reporting, analytics, and unlimited data storage in the cloud, all in an integrated, easy-to-use system.

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    Remote monitoring with integrated hardware and software

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