Advanced Alerting

Mitigate false alarms, deploy the right response, and stop issues in their tracks with email, SMS, and voice alarms

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Start the resolution process the instant an alert is triggered

Cut down on resolution times and prevent wasted trips for false alarms. Advanced alerting gives technicians and operators fast access to a complete alert history for the alerting equipment, current readings, and diagnostic analytics for on-the-spot investigation.

Ensure rapid response times with the right notifications

An intuitive dashboard makes it fast and easy to set up both alerts and notifications on sensor readings, engine data, PLCs, and HMIs for an unlimited number of users.

  • Email, SMS, and voice included

  • No VoIP setup or service plan

  • Intuitive escalation configuration

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With Samsara I can get answers immediately through mobile dashboards, and I know when something needs my attention when I receive an alert.

Sean Delladio

Water Operator, Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District

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Powerful alert management and auditing tools

A complete log of both user activity and alert history, with unlimited storage included, provide a clear picture of equipment performance over time and makes audits simple.

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Industrial gateway installed in the field

Flexible installation

Samsara can be used as a standalone platform for alerting or it can operate alongside your existing SCADA and monitoring systems thanks to multi-protocol support and an open API.

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Part of a complete solution for equipment monitoring and control

Our modern approach to equipment monitoring includes mobile dashboards, alerting, reporting, analytics, and unlimited data storage in the cloud, all in an integrated, easy-to-use system.

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Remote monitoring with integrated hardware and software

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