Temperature Monitoring, Fleet Management

Samsara for Thermo King and Carrier Refrigeration Units

We are excited to announce that Samsara telematics is now compatible with Thermo King's and Carrier's 3rd party gateway protocols. Effi...

Temperature Monitoring

The Cold Chain Logistics Behind Vaccine Shipping and Pharmaceutical Distribution

While cold chain logistics have enabled the safe transport of temperature-sensitive goods for decades, the COVID-19 vaccine presents ne...

Fleet Management, Temperature Monitoring

4 Tips for Exceeding Customer Expectations with Fleet Technology

Learn how a fleet management platform can help improve your customer service so you can retain existing customers and win more business...

Temperature Monitoring

The Life and Death of an American Turkey: How a Turkey Gets to Your Thanksgiving Table

How does your turkey get to your Thanksgiving table? It's a nearly year-round affair, starting all the way back in February and tracing...

Asset Tracking, New Features

Introducing: Reefer Temperature Reports

Today, Samsara is excited to announce that our latest reefer features make it easier than ever to guarantee and verify product integrit...

Customer Stories, Fleet Management

Best Practices for Managing Cold Chain Logistics, Part 2

Shipping a box of frozen treats or fresh berries hundreds of miles requires continuous temperature control and strict adherence to plan...

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