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Announcing New Tools to Manage Your Electric Vehicle Fleet

March 3, 2020

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With fuel costs on the rise and more government pressure to switch to greener alternatives, many organizations are adding electric vehicles (EVs) to their fleets to help lower operational costs and carbon emissions. Though interest in electrifying fleets is increasing because of cost saving opportunities, EVs come with their own unique operational challenges. 

Regardless of whether your vehicles run on electric, hybrid, or fuel, the expectations of your business remain the same. But without insight into vehicle state of charge, charging infrastructure, and EV efficiency, many fleet managers are left without the visibility they need to manage their EVs efficiently and effectively. 

Today, we’re excited to announce new tools to help our global customers adapt and streamline their operations when electrifying their fleets. Developed in close collaboration with our EV customers, we worked to understand their challenges and build the features they needed most to manage their electric vehicles. 

For many EV fleets, not having sufficient battery to complete a round-trip or not being able to find a charging station in time is a major concern. Since EVs can take over eight hours to fully charge, EV fleets require a major shift in driver behavior. Those unaccustomed to EVs might forget to stop and charge in time, putting themselves at risk of being unable to complete their job.  

Because of this, planning is even more essential for an EV fleet. Access to data points such as state of charge, nearby charging stations, or driver HOS status are essential to ensure every EV in your fleet can make it to a charging station.

Introducing new EV features to give you remote visibility into your electric and hybrid vehicles

With our new features, you can: 

  • Combat range anxiety with real-time charging status and alerts for complete visibility into vehicle state of charge and charging status. 

  • Get notified of low EV battery levels with State of Charge alerts to prevent “bricked” vehicles. 

  • Optimize EV route planning with visibility into fuel, energy levels, and nearby charging stations in order to dispatch the right vehicle with sufficient battery charge needed to complete the job.

  • Measure vehicle performance to ensure that all the vehicles in your fleet—whether fuel, electric, or hybrids—are performing optimally. 

  • Monitor charging behaviors with visibility into EV charging history and ensure that drivers are charging at optimal hours and locations. 

Use Real-Time State of Charge Reports to control range anxiety 

With Samsara Real-Time State of Charge Reports, you can view current and historical vehicle state of charge to help inform fleet dispatching and operational decisions. You can also easily monitor charging status to determine if your vehicles are plugged in and charging.

The City of Boston values the assurance that comes with using Samsara to monitor and improve the efficiency of their municipal EV and hybrid fleet. “The ability to track our EV battery levels ultimately comes down to peace of mind,” said Matthew Bradley, Superintendent of Automotive Maintenance for the City. 


Monitor low battery levels with the EV State of Charge Alert 

Easily configure EV State of Charge Alerts to prevent “bricked” vehicles on the road. This alert notifies you if the SoC falls below a particular custom percentage so you can route the vehicle to the closest charging station. 

Easily find the closest charging station with the EV Charge Stations Map Overlay 

Without easy access to charging station information, routing and assigning EVs to certain jobs can be difficult. With the EV Charge Stations Map Overlay, you can see nearby charging station information including open hours, available charging types, and more so you can find the closest charging station available and plan routes accordingly. 


Ensure EVs are being used effectively with Efficiency & Charging Reports

Leverage fuel and energy usage data to help inform your electrification strategy and determine which vehicles are performing best across your entire fleet. Stay on top energy consumption, carbon emissions, effective MPG, and percentage of electric miles driven vs. fuel usage for plug-in hybrids to monitor the impact of your electric fleet.

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation has always pledged its commitment to the environment. “It’s not just a business priority for us to operate an eco-friendly fleet, it’s important to our customers as well. With the visibility Samsara provides into our EVs, we can ensure that drivers are efficiently charging their vehicles and we can actualize the benefits of going electric,” said Gary Bauer, CEO of Bauer’s. 


Monitoring consumption and charging trends will help inform necessary change in driver behavior. By charging vehicles overnight to save on electricity costs and ensuring vehicles are plugged in after routes are complete, fleet managers can save on costs and increase the road time for their EVs. 

A complete platform for fleet management 

The reality of electric fleets is no longer the talk of the future—it’s here. These EV fleet management features are now a part of Samsara’s complete fleet management platform and are available today for all existing customers. 

We’re excited to help our customers ease EV adoption and exceed their sustainability and fleet electrification goals with Samsara. If you are not yet a Samsara customer but want to see how Samsara can help your fleet transition to electric, reach out for a free trial today. Existing fleet customers can now also take advantage of our EV suitability consulting service. To get access to the service, reach out to your customer success manager today. 

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